CRSMail Users Documentation

1) Installation of mail server
2) Installation of web mail
3) ...

1) Installation of mail server
These steps assume your going to install to the c: drive using jdk1.1.8 If either of these are not correct in your case then your steps will be similar but not exact.
Unzip Everthing to c:\ this will create a c:\mail directory and put everything inside.
Edit the file c:\mail\mail.conf file for your system.
Change the lines starting with Server= to match your system. These are the servers the system will accept local mail for.
Change the maildir= entry to point to c:\mail
Change the ErrorLog.file entry to point to where you want your error log. Probably c:\mail\errors.log
Decide if user names should come from the config file or a database
If the config file then make sure Users.plugin=ConfigFile is not commented out. If from a database then make sure Users.plugin=DB is not commented out. You must have one or the other to have users. You can, however, have both users coming from the database and the config file. If using Database then change the next section starting with Users.plugin.DB. to configure for your database. If on the other hand your listing the users in the config file then change the Users.user= lines for your users. Unsure of what to use? Consider the differences if you have a lot of users then a database is good. For a few users the config file is ok. If a user is added or removed from the config file then the server must be restarted to load the new user list. If a user is added or removed from the database then the change is immediate. If you already have a database of users set up for another project then you can share that table with the server and not have to worry about maintaing two lists of users.
All mail is handled by a plugin. The next section lists the plugins. Users is used to accept mail for a local user. You probably want this. NonLocal is used to accept mail for users that are not local from a local user and then forward the message on to the correct server. ForwardMail is used to accept mail for a user and forward the message to another email address. ex: you may have a user named and he wants to check his mail from hotmail. You can use ForwardMail to accept joe's mail and then forward it to hotmail. ForwardMail has it's own user list. If a user is only listed in the ForwardMail list then the message is never stored on the local system. If however joe is both a ForwardMail user AND a Users user then his mail will be stored AND forwarded.
Change the lines smtp.plugin.ForwardMail.user for all the users that are a ForwardMail user
Change the smtp.plugin.NonLocal.Forbid lines to forbid mail from certain servers. Generally you should block
anything that points to your machine in a way other than what you listed in your Server= lines or the server will forward the mail (since it's not destined for any server in the Server= line) to itself. You may also use this to block mail from domains that like to spam mail.
You now have a correct mail.conf file
Now your ready to start the server do this by changing to the c:\mail\bin directory
verify your claspath is setup correctly. It should be something like classpath=c:\jdk1.1.8\lib\;c:\mail\bin;c:\mail\dnsjava.jar
Start the server by running the Mail class passing the config file as a paramater. You can use go.bat to make it easy on you.
The server should now start. If it fails examine the messages printed and see if you can see what the problem is.

2) Installation of web mail
Webmail is a new feature and as such it has a lot of missing features and is not easiest to install. However, if your determined here are the steps:
Install Apache (I use version 1.3.9)
Install Apache JServ (I use version 1.1b3)
Copy c:\mail\webmail\*.class to c:\program files\Apache JServ1.1b3\servlets
Copy c:\mail\webmail\webmail.html to c:\apache group\apache\htdocs
You may have to edit the webmail.html file to post back to your own server
Create a temp directory called c:\apache group\apache\htdocs\tmp
Your done. Now for testing.
Bring up IE and load
Enter your username, password and mail server then hit the login button
If all goes well you should see all your mail
Click a message to view it
Click on the write a message to write a new message
IF all works then your done. If not then try to see what errors you are getting.
NOTE: Webmail works with any extended pop3 server. Not just CRSMail.